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Federally Administered Tribal Areas

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Federally Administered Tribal Areas divisões administrativas

Federally Administered Tribal Areas foto:

  • Peshawar Streets - Electro Mumbo Jumbo

    Peshawar Streets - E
  • Peshawar | Bling-Bling Commuter Bus

    Peshawar | Bling-Bli
  • Cessna 150 Taking off from Peshawar Airport

    Cessna 150 Taking of
  • ravitaillement à la Khyber Pass

    ravitaillement à la
  • Khyber Train crossing Peshawar International

    Khyber Train crossin
  • گل حاجی پلازہ، یونیورسٹی روڈ

    گل حاجی پلازہ، یونیو
  • Village des territoires de louest

    Village des territoi
  • Peshawar - Afghan Refugee Camp

    Peshawar - Afghan Re
  • Aircraft Pit at Peshawar International

    Aircraft Pit at Pesh
  • The road from Peshawar to Khyber Pass

    The road from Peshaw
  • past Peshawar

    past Peshawar
  • Peshawa

  • کینٹ ریلوے اسٹیشن

    کینٹ ریلوے اسٹیشن
  • Peshawa


  • Torkham Gate in Peshawar

    Torkham Gate in Pesh
  • ڈینز ٹریڈ سنٹر

    ڈینز ٹریڈ سنٹر

  • Peshawa

  • ظاہر شاہ کا محل

    ظاہر شاہ کا محل
  • Lahori Gate

    Lahori Gate
  • Peshawar Museum

    Peshawar Museum
  • Landi Kotal railway station

    Landi Kotal railway
  • Catholic Church

    Catholic Church
  • The mountain over Peshawar 2

    The mountain over Pe
  • کوہاٹ روڈ

    کوہاٹ روڈ
  • نمک منڈی بازار

    نمک منڈی بازار
  • Khyber Road - Food Station

    Khyber Road - Food S
  • پشاور ماڈل سکول

    پشاور ماڈل سکول
  • PAF Bas

    PAF Bas
  • خیبر چرسی تکہ شاپ

    خیبر چرسی تکہ شاپ
  • قلعہ بالاحصار

    قلعہ بالاحصار
  • view from Michni post: roads to the border and old railway tunnels

    view from Michni pos
  • Kalabagh

  • جواد ٹاورز، یونیورسٹی روڈ

    جواد ٹاورز، یونیورسٹ
  • railway to Khyber pass

    railway to Khyber pa
  • Provincial Assembly Building

    Provincial Assembly
  • Train (Khyber Safari) 2000

    Train (Khyber Safari
  • Historic Chinar Tree

    Historic Chinar Tree
  • Kyber Bazar

    Kyber Bazar

  • Hyatabad house

    Hyatabad house
  • Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar

    Pearl Continental Ho
  • Peshawar Mahabat Khan Mosque 2

    Peshawar Mahabat Kha
  • Charsadda Chowk

    Charsadda Chowk
  • Shilozan House

    Shilozan House
  • پشاور سے جمرود جاتی ہوئی ریلوے لائن

    پشاور سے جمرود جاتی
  • Road to Khyber

    Road to Khyber
  • Landi Kotal railway station

    Landi Kotal railway
  • Peshawa

  • نشتر ہال

    نشتر ہال

  • Sunrise over Salt Range & Indus

    Sunrise over Salt Ra
  • University Road at night

    University Road at n
  • Road to Khyber

    Road to Khyber

  • Malikshahi kalai(Makin)

    Malikshahi kalai(Mak
  • City of Kalabagh

    City of Kalabagh
  • کنٹینرز

  • Gate to the inner Bannu city

    Gate to the inner Ba

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Federally Administered Tribal Areas vídeos