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Territoire fédéral d'Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory)

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Territoire fédéral d'Islamabad divisions administratives

Territoire fédéral d'Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory)photo:

  • Taxila Museum | Hay Transporter

    Taxila Museum | Hay
  • Pakistani soldiers shift relief goods from a traditionally decorated truck to a U.S. Chinook helicopter in Rawalpindi for earthquake relief.

    Pakistani soldiers s
  • 仔细看看是啥?

  • C130 at Chaklala Bas

    C130 at Chaklala Bas
  • Main avenue of Rawalpindi

    Main avenue of Rawal
  • Islamabad Airport

    Islamabad Airport
  • Airport Road Junctio

    Airport Road Junctio

  • Sadda

  • runway...........turning for take off..airblue flight islamabad to sharjah.........


  • Muslim Town Rawalpindi

    Muslim Town Rawalpin
  • Indian Air Force On Pakistan Air Base/After Earthquake.Oct

    Indian Air Force On
  • Chaclala Station (Cantonment

    Chaclala Station (Ca
  • Rush houer in Rawalpindi

    Rush houer in Rawalp
  • Anam House

    Anam House
  • Islamabad I-

    Islamabad I-
  • Rawalpindi Central Station

    Rawalpindi Central S
  • City of Rawalpindi

    City of Rawalpindi
  • Fork lift hatchback and Rickshaw- Fowara Chowk- Rawalpindi- Pakistan

    Fork lift hatchback
  • international islamic university islamabad

    international islami
  • Islamabad Highway

    Islamabad Highway
  • Talhar Village

    Talhar Village
  • После землетрясения./After Earthquake./Oct

    После землетрясения.
  • Benazir Bhutto International Airport

    Benazir Bhutto Inter
  • City Taxila

    City Taxila
  • City of Rawalpindi

    City of Rawalpindi
  • qamar home

    qamar home
  • Toll Plaza - not a desirable place to stop

    Toll Plaza - not a d
  • Kids Park Satellite Town Rawalpindi

    Kids Park Satellite
  • Amanat Eye Hospital

    Amanat Eye Hospital

  • View From My Window at about 6 am in the morning

    View From My Window
  • C-130 at Chaklala BASE

    C-130 at Chaklala BA
  • Cellular Express

    Cellular Express
  • Benazir Bhutto International Airport

    Benazir Bhutto Inter
  • Pindi station

    Pindi station
  • Play Land

    Play Land
  • LANDING at Benazir Bhutto International Airport

    LANDING at Benazir B
  • At the Truck Workshop--he put it down when he saw me

    At the Truck Worksho
  • Pindi station from the bridge

    Pindi station from t
  • Rawalpindi from NM

    Rawalpindi from NM
  • Goldcrest D.H.A Islamabad

    Goldcrest D.H.A Isla
  • City of Rawalpindi

    City of Rawalpindi
  • A view of River Soan from this location

    A view of River Soan

  • CN-235 at chaklala BASE

    CN-235 at chaklala B
  • Dhoke Syedan Road

    Dhoke Syedan Road
  • Little Bus

    Little Bus
  • Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi

    Holy Family Hospital
  • Chaklala Roundabout at Night (hkindus1)

    Chaklala Roundabout
  • State Bank of Pakistan

    State Bank of Pakist
  • 22 Number Chounghi

    22 Number Chounghi
  • Fazal House Fazal Town

    Fazal House Fazal To
  • small British fort next the railway bridge

    small British fort n
  • The Pond at Ayub Par

    The Pond at Ayub Par
  • Hazrat Baba Sakhi Shaheed aka Baba Chaharr | www.aulia-e-pakistan.com

    Hazrat Baba Sakhi Sh
  • Silver Sword View N

    Silver Sword View N
  • way to Thalhar Village near Islamabad

    way to Thalhar Villa
  • Nala Lai

    Nala Lai

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Territoire fédéral d'Islamabad vidéos