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Khuzdar District(ضلع خضدار)

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Khuzdar District Administrative divisions

Khuzdar District Photo:

  • Wadh

  • Mahal of Khan Of Kalat

    Mahal of Khan Of Kal
  • tablighi markaz   by waheed lehri (w_s_jan@yahoo.com)

    tablighi markaz by
  • koshk by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    koshk by waheed lehr
  • mir chakar khan chok by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    mir chakar khan chok
  • Arbaab Tarminal R C D Rod Khuzdar

    Arbaab Tarminal R C
  • RCD road by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    RCD road by waheed l
  • making hotal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    making hotal by wahe
  • Khuzdar Main Road Masjid By S M Afzal

    Khuzdar Main Road Ma
  • Khuzdar

  • BME Mill Area

    BME Mill Area
  • tube well near tarminal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    tube well near tarmi
  • khuzdar haddid uddin

    khuzdar haddid uddin

  • tube well near bazar by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    tube well near bazar
  • near bazar by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    near bazar by waheed
  • BME

  • Govt: Degree College Khuzdar

    Govt: Degree College
  • masjid marem by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    masjid marem by wahe
  • new tarminal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    new tarminal by wahe
  • Khuzdar

  • New addh Khuzdar

    New addh Khuzdar
  • Khuzdar Abdul Wahid Mardoi

    Khuzdar Abdul Wahid
  • jalawan n hospital by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    jalawan n hospital b
  • umrani

  • PTDC hotal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    PTDC hotal by waheed
  • dakhana chok by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    dakhana chok by wahe
  • Natural look of Khuzdar

    Natural look of Khuz
  • Mess  (Khuzdar)

    Mess (Khuzdar)
  • mahir zehri khuzdar pics

    mahir zehri khuzdar
  • d p c school  by waheed lehri (w_s_jan@yahoo.com)

    d p c school by wah
  • My Home

    My Home
  • Khuzdars Bazar

    Khuzdars Bazar

  • Civil Colony Khuzdar

    Civil Colony Khuzdar
  • Mir chakkar khan road khuzdar

    Mir chakkar khan roa

  • Khuzdar City Abdul Wahid Mardoi

    Khuzdar City Abdul W
  • Allah Wala Chowk Khuzdar

    Allah Wala Chowk Khu
  • Chamrook Gift Center Khuzdar

    Chamrook Gift Center
  • hashmi hotal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    hashmi hotal by wahe
  • making house by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    making house by wahe
  • chamrok pamp by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    chamrok pamp by wahe
  • shortcut way by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    shortcut way by wahe
  • short cut way of kattan by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    short cut way of kat
  • date is a taver

    date is a taver
  • tonw chok by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    tonw chok by waheed
  • near my house by waheed lehri (w_s_jan@yahoo.com)

    near my house by wah
  • shadad kot bus stop by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    shadad kot bus stop
  • mirs tubewell by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    mirs tubewell by wah
  • Khuzdar City Abdul Wahid Mardoi

    Khuzdar City Abdul W
  • sark hotal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    sark hotal by waheed
  • sadabhar jewolers by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    sadabhar jewolers by
  • sadabhar hotal waheed lehri

    sadabhar hotal wahee
  • rabani masjid by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    rabani masjid by wah
  • my house by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    my house by waheed l
  • sadabhar lehri hotal by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    sadabhar lehri hotal
  • kattan pul by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    kattan pul by waheed
  • karkh road by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    karkh road by waheed
  • lehri street 4 by waheed lehri ((w_s_jan@yahoo.com))

    lehri street 4 by wa

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