Khyber Agency(خیبر ایجنسی)

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Khyber Agency Administrative divisions

Khyber Agency Photo:

  • Peshawar landi kotal

    Peshawar landi kotal
  • Insignia of Regiments of Khyber.

    Insignia of Regiment
  • Railway Tunnels near tribal houses

    Railway Tunnels near
  • Steam Train from Peshawar to Landikota

    Steam Train from Pes
  • علی مسجد لندی کوتل

    علی مسجد لندی کوتل
  • Khyber Steam Safar

    Khyber Steam Safar
  • Ali Masjid Fort

    Ali Masjid Fort
  • Ali Masjid Fort in the Khyber Agenc

    Ali Masjid Fort in t
  • Houses near Jamrud Fort

    Houses near Jamrud F
  • View of Jamrud station

    View of Jamrud stati
  • لنڈی کوتل روڈ، جمرود

    لنڈی کوتل روڈ، جمرود
  • View of Jamrud station

    View of Jamrud stati
  • خیبر قلعہ

    خیبر قلعہ
  • Jamrud Fort

    Jamrud Fort
  • سول ہسپتال جمرود

    سول ہسپتال جمرود
  • جمرود

  • Torkham Gate in Peshawar

    Torkham Gate in Pesh
  • دیوار باب خیبر، جمرود

    دیوار باب خیبر، جمرو
  • Torkham Gate (in the direction of Khyber Pass)

    Torkham Gate (in the
  • Khyber Pass Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Khyber Pass Peshawar
  • جمرود روڈ

    جمرود روڈ
  • Property nearbay Jamrud Fort (in the direction to Peshawar)

    Property nearbay Jam
  • جمرود روڈ

    جمرود روڈ
  • ریلوے لائن، جمرود روڈ

    ریلوے لائن، جمرود رو
  • پشاور سے جمرود جاتی ہوئی ریلوے لائن

    پشاور سے جمرود جاتی

  • Nasibgul Afridi

    Nasibgul Afridi
  • جمرود روڈ

    جمرود روڈ
  • Nasibgul Afridi

    Nasibgul Afridi
  • ظاہر شاہ کا محل

    ظاہر شاہ کا محل
  • G.T. Road (between Wazirdund & Karkhanay)

    G.T. Road (between W
  • Road to Khyber

    Road to Khyber
  • گاڑیوں کے خفیہ گودام

    گاڑیوں کے خفیہ گودام
  • The road from Peshawar to Khyber Pass

    The road from Peshaw
  • peshawar


  • zia

    zia"s baleno phase 7
  • Khyber Road - Food Station

    Khyber Road - Food S
  • Majid Khan Home

    Majid Khan Home
  • Karkhanay - Afghan Market

    Karkhanay - Afghan M
  • Valley of Peshawar

    Valley of Peshawar
  • im|sciences

  • Saydon Pharmacuetical

    Saydon Pharmacuetica
  • Road to Khyber

    Road to Khyber
  • NU-FAST Administration Building

    NU-FAST Administrati

  • Military regiment signage on hillside near Khyber Pass

    Military regiment si
  • marwats house

    marwats house
  • FAST NU Peshawar Campus

    FAST NU Peshawar Cam
  • Majids Home Sweet Home

    Majids Home Sweet Ho
  • Masjid-e-Rehman

  • Village des territoires de louest

    Village des territoi
  • Ma Home :D

    Ma Home :D
  • saleem khan house

    saleem khan house
  • empty cylinders on roadside

    empty cylinders on r
  • H.No:203 E-

    H.No:203 E-
  • Pak Turk Intl Schools And Colleges Peshawar Branch

    Pak Turk Intl School
  • MAK Pumps Pvt limited

    MAK Pumps Pvt limite
  • Phase 6

    Phase 6
  • tt


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