Upper Dir(دیر بالا)

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Upper Dir Administrative divisions

Upper Dir Photo:

  • Uppe Dir From Mount

    Uppe Dir From Mount
  • Proper Dir view from Naow

    Proper Dir view from
  • Naveed Khan Rauf Khan huses on the Hill

    Naveed Khan Rauf Kha
  • Naveed Khan Rauf Khan huses on the Hill 2

    Naveed Khan Rauf Kha
  • Dir palace from chitral road

    Dir palace from chit
  • Harvest of Corn

    Harvest of Corn

  • Bus Stand Dir

    Bus Stand Dir
  • Dir palace

    Dir palace
  • Bus Stand Dir City

    Bus Stand Dir City
  • Dir South East

    Dir South East
  • Haji Musharraf khan sons Homes in Naow

    Haji Musharraf khan
  • Dir palace

    Dir palace
  • Navo Top - Dir

    Navo Top - Dir
  • Khan Shaheed Dir

    Khan Shaheed Dir
  • Yasir Hotal Dir (IRFAN UDDIN)

    Yasir Hotal Dir (IRF
  • Dir New Town

    Dir New Town
  • Pattu dukan

    Pattu dukan
  • Nawab Palace

    Nawab Palace
  • Dir street

    Dir street
  • Khyber Continental Guest House Dir

    Khyber Continental G
  • Dir vue du palais

    Dir vue du palais
  • Ghani

  • Dir City

    Dir City
  • Dir Town Upper Dir

    Dir Town Upper Dir
  • Dir Town 1

    Dir Town 1
  • Dir pakistan (IRFAN)

    Dir pakistan (IRFAN)
  • stanadar

  • Beautiful Dir (IRFAN)

    Beautiful Dir (IRFAN
  • Tehsil khall Loading...

    Tehsil khall Loading
  • I love my Dir

    I love my Dir
  • Kelash Valley Road

    Kelash Valley Road
  • Bird eye view of Proper Dir

    Bird eye view of Pro
  • Beautiful Hill Qolagah

    Beautiful Hill Qolag
  • Wiqar Ahmad

    Wiqar Ahmad
  • Shaw masjid

    Shaw masjid
  • Dir Town 2

    Dir Town 2
  • My Dir

    My Dir
  • Green hills

    Green hills
  • Dir chatral Roa

    Dir chatral Roa
  • Dir Look from South side

    Dir Look from South
  • Green trees

    Green trees
  • Beautiful walnut tree

    Beautiful walnut tre
  • shahderai

  • Shahderai hujra

    Shahderai hujra
  • drosh city

    drosh city
  • Drosh

  • konar river

    konar river
  • South of Chitral

    South of Chitral
  • Potanjandam NWFP Pakistan

    Potanjandam NWFP Pak
  • Chikidam NWFP Pakistan

    Chikidam NWFP Pakist
  • Kaldam NWFP Pakistan

    Kaldam NWFP Pakistan
  • route Peshawar - Dir

    route Peshawar - Dir
  • Kalam Pakistan

    Kalam Pakistan
  • Chitral Pakistan

    Chitral Pakistan

  • Tirich Mir (view from Ayun)

    Tirich Mir (view fro
  • Ayun

  • Ayun

  • Sahn NWFP Pakistan

    Sahn NWFP Pakistan

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