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Chiniot District(ضلع چنیوٹ)

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Chiniot District Administrative divisions

Chiniot District Photo:




  • Camels caravan crossing walah rai

    Camels caravan cross

  • camel in kot ahmad yar

    camel in kot ahmad y
  • Over 100yrs old and biggest tree in jhang

    Over 100yrs old and
  • Sangra Sadat

    Sangra Sadat
  • Jamia Masjid Tohidiya Dawer

    Jamia Masjid Tohidiy
  • Dawar School

    Dawar School
  • historical tree in amin pur

    historical tree in a
  • Boor tree

    Boor tree
  • amin pur banglow bazar entrance

    amin pur banglow baz
  • Birds

  • Fish Farm

    Fish Farm
  • Kiran Hills Chain

    Kiran Hills Chain
  • amin pur bazar

    amin pur bazar

  • ????????

  • Family Park

    Family Park

  • Jogging Track Jalsa Gah

    Jogging Track Jalsa
  • Family Park

    Family Park

  • Mohd Ishaq butt

    Mohd Ishaq butt
  • Man and Nature

    Man and Nature
  • Great Tree

    Great Tree

  • fields in rabwah

    fields in rabwah
  • Reflection

  • Shahida Salma

    Shahida Salma
  • Degree Colege Rabwah (sabza)

    Degree Colege Rabwah
  • Chak No. 221 JB Dugra

    Chak No. 221 JB Dugr

  • Winter Sunset in Rabwah

    Winter Sunset in Rab
  • Degree Colege Rabwah

    Degree Colege Rabwah
  • View of Farmhouse

    View of Farmhouse
  • Rainy season in front of Nusrat Colony

    Rainy season in fron
  • Wallah Town

    Wallah Town
  • Nasirabad Sharqi chowk

    Nasirabad Sharqi cho
  • Degree Colege rabwah (road)

    Degree Colege rabwah
  • Sunset

  • Nusrat Jahan Academ

    Nusrat Jahan Academ
  • Aqsa Mosqu

    Aqsa Mosqu
  • New Water Tank

    New Water Tank
  • Aqsa Masjid main Exit gate 1

    Aqsa Masjid main Exi
  • Flowers

  • play land in masjid nasir

    play land in masjid
  • play land in masjid nasir

    play land in masjid
  • Play Ground near Bait nusrat

    Play Ground near Bai
  • Tennis Courts (Nasir Complex)

    Tennis Courts (Nasir
  • Masjid Nasir

    Masjid Nasir

  • Aqsa Masjid

    Aqsa Masjid
  • Squash Courts (Nasir Complex)

    Squash Courts (Nasir
  • Train Crossing Bridge

    Train Crossing Bridg
  • Aqsa Masjid Main Entrance Gate 1

    Aqsa Masjid Main Ent
  • Bait Nusrat 1

    Bait Nusrat 1
  • Kacha bazar School

    Kacha bazar School
  • 11/1 Dar ul Barkat Rabwah

    11/1 Dar ul Barkat R

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