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Lalian Administrative divisions

Lalian Photo:

  • busy people of nawab chok

    busy people of nawab
  • Sunny mobiles

    Sunny mobiles
  • chicken farm

    chicken farm
  • railway crossings lalian

    railway crossings la
  • Chicken farm

    Chicken farm
  • Sargodha Road Lallian

    Sargodha Road Lallia
  • railway track

    railway track


  • Nadra rgistration Office Galla mandi Lalian

    Nadra rgistration Of
  • Govt Primery School No.2 for Boys Lalian

    Govt Primery School
  • A Sceen Sargodha Faisalabad Road Lalian

    A Sceen Sargodha Fai
  • Mirza Kashif Ayyaz Home Galla Mandi Lalian

    Mirza Kashif Ayyaz H
  • Bank Bazar

    Bank Bazar
  • Beli Chok Lalian

    Beli Chok Lalian
  • Seven Star Net Cafe Galla Mandi Lalian

    Seven Star Net Cafe
  • My Uncles Sweat Home

    My Uncles Sweat Home

  • Government Girls Degree College

    Government Girls Deg
  • Sabz gumbad ki thandi thandi chaoon ko salam

    Sabz gumbad ki thand
  • Tower Of Jaman Wali Masjid (View From Majids Home)

    Tower Of Jaman Wali
  • Pleasent Weather

    Pleasent Weather
  • View Of Govt. Girls Degree College Lalian (View From Majids Home)

    View Of Govt. Girls
  • Mohammadi Masji

    Mohammadi Masji
  • Mohallah Koocha Band

    Mohallah Koocha Band
  • Fatima Model Public School Muhalla Jamia Masjid Lalian

    Fatima Model Public
  • Lalian Railway Station (by Majid Amin Gull)

    Lalian Railway Stati
  • Amir Lali

    Amir Lali
  • Mohallah Koocha Bandi Lalian (View From Majid Amin Gulls Home)

    Mohallah Koocha Band
  • Office Of AL-RAHMAN Marbles Lalian (by Majid Amin Gull)

    Office Of AL-RAHMAN
  • Dar-e-Arqam School Building (Under Construction) By Majid Amin Gull

    Dar-e-Arqam School B
  • A. Majid Amin Gulls Sweet Home

    A. Majid Amin Gulls
  • Koocha Bandi Trees (View From Majid Amin Gulls Home)

    Koocha Bandi Trees (
  • Koocha Bandi Trees by Majid Amin Gull

    Koocha Bandi Trees b
  • Crows Sitting At The Electric Wires (Koocha Band

    Crows Sitting At The
  • A Small But Beautiful Masjid Near AL-RAHMAN Marbles Lalian

    A Small But Beautifu
  • Dirty Pond In Koocha Band

    Dirty Pond In Koocha
  • Hujrah Roa

    Hujrah Roa
  • Bascit Ball Ground Lalian

    Bascit Ball Ground L
  • Phol Cafe at Chongi No.4 Lalian

    Phol Cafe at Chongi
  • Char-Yari Wali Masjid (Under Construction) View From Majid Amin Gulls Home

    Char-Yari Wali Masji
  • Lush Green Fields (Jhung Roa

    Lush Green Fields (J
  • A Sunset in Lalian Fields (Pic taken by Majid Amin Gull)

    A Sunset in Lalian F
  • Petrol Egency Jhang Road Lalian

    Petrol Egency Jhang
  • Sharbat Chok at Jhang road lalian

    Sharbat Chok at Jhan
  • Jamia Masjid Al Noor tuheedia Saeedia at chungi no.4 Lalian

    Jamia Masjid Al Noor
  • Darbar Muhammad Siddiq Morr Lalian

    Darbar Muhammad Sidd
  • A beautifull Mosque at Darbar Muhammad Siddiq Lali Road Lalian

    A beautifull Mosque
  • Barkas on Darbar Muhammad Siddiq Lali Road Lalian

    Barkas on Darbar Muh

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